Friday, 27 July 2012

This week, we mourn. Our country has suffered a great loss! Never in our political life, have we lost a sitting president but there's always a first time. I wish we didn't have to use this as our first. I'd rather say this was the first time we have built an aeroplane that Americans have purchased, the first time we've bought out a country, the first time we've built a 100-floor skyscraper, or some other feat that is positive, but alas!

John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, I never knew you personally; i never met you; i never shook your hand; i was never your favorite or a supporter of your position as President but you were a good man. Why do i say that? My mother knew you personally, and told me you are a good man so i believe my mother.

At the same time, my mother taught me to have a mind of my own, so i can make judgement and speak my mind. I spoke about many things concerning your style of governance, especially the fact that you were too dull as a President and never seemed to be in control of affairs. I also spoke about the way you seemed to have been made a puppet for other people's benefit, and was truly worried about you when i saw your eyes, your hands and how much you had shrunk. I spoke about how you should just go to bed and leave the presidency to others more robust and younger. Oh yes i did. I spoke about the lack of accountability, and why you couldn't mete out punishment for your close followers who did wrong by your beloved nation; was it because you were too good? Why does the bible speak about God 'pruning' those he loved?

So, we have lost you Uncle Atta. My most favorite post which i made about you was for my facebook friends to tell me their favorite line from you and the NDC Government ... ecomini, dzi wo fie asam, my brethers and sisters, father of all, gargantuan, Woyome, high treason, fear and panic, free school uniform, schools under trees, oh so many!

Uncle Atta, throughout all of these, let me tell you what i've learnt from you:
  • Be a president only when you really want to be president, not when someone tells you to
  • When you go for international conferences, sleep at night.
  • When you are sick, let the world take a hike!
  • Don't succumb to peer pressure, or even national pressure
  • Dont hire staff who will approve checks that you have not authorized and cause you to look stupid in front of the press!
  • Don't have friends and sponsors with the initials AAW. (hint: GHc51 million) 
  • You don't have to stand if you are weak; you don't have to jog if are sick; you don't have to read if you can't see! haaba!!!
  • Have much bigger dreams than free school uniforms; or the dressmakers will kill your dream.
  • Its okay to dzi wo fie asem, afterall, no one can do you tii when you are president
  • When you die, within 5 hours, you will be replaced by a handsome Technocrat that women (absolutely!) love.
  • Some will cry, but deep down, they want you dead.
  • At your funeral, people will dance and have dinner and wine will flow freely.
  • Enjoy every day as if it was your last. Actually, i got that from Steve Jobs.
  • Join a party that will not require you to jog when you've come from medical treatment.
  • Lastly, don't associate with youth groups who have a TUBER OF YAM as their logo! mtsewww!!!
Fare thee well, Uncle Atta. We will all miss you for various reasons; mine is known to the world!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My fun week around the country

Its been a totally awesome week, i spent it with two amazing men (who are not my husbands...). I have learnt so much from them about how to build a strong Sales department for your company; and they didn't even know they were training me!

See, that's how i learn. I learn from conversation. Insight. Great stuff!

I learnt that the most important thing is to have people who are passionate about achieving goals in the company, people who are totally empowered to do great things, and they will take ownership of the business as though it were their own. Money is important, but so is self-gratification.

So, in summary, what i've learnt this week is that you must have a solid top-level sales team to be able to achieve your goals. People who believe in your dream and take ownership of it. Finish.

So let's go on to fun matters. I didn't really ride the motorbike in Tamale. I just sat on it and put one GOIL staff behind me as if i'm doing some serious stuff. But you and i know that i'm too chicken to do anything that is really dangerous. I really want to see Judah get married, so what do you say about that? God knows i don't want to end up being buried next-day somewhere in the North.. so let's just leave it here.

I went to Kumasi by Starbow. Goodness gracious. If it wasn't for the fact that Starbow was such as solid plane and had really nice waitresses, (i don't really care); i'd have asked what the hell are those snack packs in rubber bags? In this day and age? Are we in the same age? Lord have mercy!!!!

So coming back, i had to take Citylink because i wanted to be early. you can image my surprise when it was announced that my very own Capt. Kilo Alpha Victor Amoah is going to take me to Accra. I'm like cool! Now i get to test what he's all about when he is trying to give flight lessons to Electronic payments business owners (WT*). Okay, honk on, my darling...

So midway into the flight, Captain StaySweet decides to do a double-drop of the plane without notice. Oh yes, i screamed. I screamed. Everyone looked, but i screamed. Aden?!!!! Ok, so if i'm writing this, it means i landed safely. We thank God, but don't care, right? Moving on...

Takoradi was fun! Wow. I had some gargantuan fufu courtesy Steve Amakye who has been bugging me to come to Takoradi for 'business'. Okay. Moving on...

Antrak Air back was smooth. Even they served mini-pringles and coke on the flight. Please tell Starbow wai. Pringles only costs GHc1.20 at Efo's shop! I can supply if they like...heheheeee!!! I was back in Accra in a jiffy. It was cool. Antrak, kudos!

Then Tamale! My beloved Tamale! Awesome Tamale! First off, i got to ride with Oluman Boogie FBS guys. It was awesome from airport to line...

So i got to see some amazing stuff in Tamale. I got to see the awesome Tamale Sports Stadium... Kudos, NPP for great work. The roads there are great! I don't think our people there are deprived at all. My personal opinion. The infrastructure there is certainly good and they can do quite a lot of stuff there. Anyways, so one thing that was predominant were these motorbikes, which got me really awed especially when i saw women riding them! Wow...I got these shots of a whole family on a bike!

there was also biometric registration going on. i was praying it wasn't something else but at least things are moving on smoothly there too. We thank God.

 Anyway, i got to ride back again with FBS. We were too tired to take pictures again. At least you know that i know them *

Until we meet again, its been a fun, wonderful week. Especially with my sweetie pie Raphael of Vodafone.

Have a wonderful week!!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The case of an abandoned blog...

Recently, a friend asked why i won't write a book. Come on, i can't even keep up with my blog!

If i can't do something that requires only a few lines of my thoughts every day, why the heck do i think i can write a book? Thanks, Samuel for encouraging me, though i still fear i will only write a book post-mortem (lol).

Anyway, for those of you who care enough to follow my activities (i wonder why?!!), you'll see that a small girl in technology can make quite a bit of progress, given the right direction (thanks again, Mike!). I am concerned myself that i might attract quite a few psycho's, infact i have already started quite a few psychos and they send me 'hello baby' facebook messages all the time... i'm like what the ....??!#$%^&*!!!

So i'll stay within the domain of 'what's morally right' and try to keep up with my life. whereever it's going. i know you are following me. and i hope i encourage you to 'follow your heart'.. just as one of life's greatest mentors encouraged us to do.

we'll miss you, Steve Jobs.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

inCharge is officially launched!

Last Wednesday at the International Press Center, inCharge Cards was officially launched. inCharge has received much press, largely from the radio stations and our partners Adom Fm in Tema.

Many newspapers have carried our story far and wide, and some websites have also reported the story. See below some links to some of the stories we have come across.

Here we go again!

I have just realized i have a few friends who really look out for me. Today, my 'boss', CEO of Corenett, sent me a message and told me 'You better finish up that website, because first impressions last'. Don't put up a crappy website and go make noise all over the place!

Now, how many times haven't we had friends or loved ones around us, who tell us everything we do is excellent, huh? Indeed, i have many friends and acquaintances. The ones i cherish most are the ones who are not afraid to tell me that something i'm doing is crap.  That's what i really cherish, because they are truly the ones who help me go higher everyday. Thanks, Boss!

Meanwhile, i have the 'encourager' type of friends, who are also my second favorites. The encouragers tell me that i shouldn't be afraid to move. I love them, and i surround myself with them.

To everyone else, i still love you. Don't think i have a problem with you, and that's why i may have not mentioned you here. Its just i'm trying to analyse where to place u in the scheme of things...

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Keeping it up

On the 29th of June, we will be launching inCharge cards and show you how you can pay freely with inCharge. Please do not hesitate to be part of this launch if you are interested in internet, mobile and POS payments. International Press Center (GIJ), at 9am - 12pm. Thanks!